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Latest Jigsaw : 4th April 2022
Ayr Gorge, Failford, South Ayrshire
Latest Jigsaw

144, 220 & 312 piece jigsaws

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Latest Jigsaw
Ayr Gorge Woodlands is a Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve on the River Ayr Way walking route, in the village of Failford, South Ayrshire. The reserve was created in 1983. Admission is free, with limited parking in the village. The woodland (Coilsholm Wood) is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, notable for its ancient woodland of oak, ash and beech trees. The landscape provides a habitat for otters, badgers, kingfishers and dippers. Robert Burns walked in the woods and composed his poem 'To Mary in Heaven' in memory of his lover Mary Campbell (Highland Mary) who died in 1786 aged just 23. In the 17th century the covenanter minister Alexander Peden is said to have held religious meetings in the remote Coilsholm Wood, from a sandstone outcrop that overlooked the River Ayr. This is known as Peden's Pulpit and it was from here that he delivered his sermons. This short, woodland walk through the nature reserve terminates at Peden’s Cove.

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Burns Monument & Gardens
Alloway, South Ayrshire
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Ennerdale Water
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Sweetheart Abbey, New Abbey
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Ogmore Castle
Glamorgan, South Wales
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HMS Victory at Portsmouth
Dockyard, Hampshire
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Lymington River and
Quay Side, Hampshire
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Healey Dell Nature Reserve
Whitworth, Rossendale
Healey Dell Nature Reserve, Whitworth, Rossendale<
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