Wallpaper Help

How to use as computer wallpaper

(1) Click on the wallpaper picture to enlarge it.

(2) Right click the enlarged desktop wallpaper.

(3) Simply choose 'Set as Background' and the Stretch option if using Mozilla Firefox browser. Note:- Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers do not support this feature. You will have to use 'save picture as' to save to a location e.g. your desktop.

(4) Double click on your saved picture then right click and set as background using the Stretch option.

How to use as mobile phone wallpaper

(1) On your Tablet or Smart Phone press on the enlarged image and choose to Save it.

(2) On most Android phones, long press on the screen until the 'Wallpapers' option appears and pick the image you have saved. Alternatively, use the phone's Settings menu to change the wallpaper.

(3) Some mobile software will let you crop your saved images to a format of your choice.

About Beautiful Britain

The Beautiful Britain website has been a hobby since 2001. That makes it almost as old as Google! BB does not generate any revenue and no longer creates links to commercial websites. The pictures are all from our many short break holidays here in Britain.

Why is this website changing?

60% of Internet traffic is now on mobile devices (2017). In the months ahead I hope to convert the most viewed pages of this this web site to a 'mobile friendly' format. If they do not display correctly, please let me know.

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