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Thursday 16th May First chicks hatched today

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The last of 11 eggs was laid on Saturday 4th May. The first few chicks hatched on the afternoon of 16th May, 11 days later. On the larger images (click to enlarge) it's possible to see the chick and its legs emerging from the egg in picture 1, plus a crack in the egg above it.

The first egg emerges from the shell.
So small. The 1st of (hopefully) 11 chicks.

By 5.30 p.m. the second chick had hatched. It emerged from the egg with its mouth open, picture 1 below. Oh no! Another mouth to feed. Imagine if all eleven hatch! The female has been quite relaxed for the last eleven days. Now it's going to be hectic for the next few weeks, until the young are ready to leave the nest.

2nd chick hatching. Hungry already! 2 chicks hatched. 9 unhatched eggs

Although 'dad' has been around every now and again, mum has often had to leave the nest to get food and take away the empty egg shells. Mums around the world will be thinking it's very similar to what happens with human babies! By 9.00 p.m. there were two more chicks, giving a total now of 4, with 7 eggs remaining.

Let's hope 'dad' starts pulling his weight tomorrow, all 9 grams of it ! 9 grams is less than half an ounce, for those " still using old money. "

Friday 17th May 8.00 a.m.

Dad is developing an interest in the new brood, currently 7 chicks

6 chicks now. Sorry - seven. Another has just hatched as I write this update!

Mum has taken away the empty shell and now the male seems to be showing an interest in the new brood. It takes time for men to adapt to such huge changes in their lifestyle!

At night she sleeps on top of the chicks to keep them warm. Dad has never slept in the nest box.

Saturday 18th May 10.30 a.m.

10 chicks. I think there may be one more unhatched egg underneath the seething mass of 2 day old chicks. The male is helping out more, and occasionally feeds the chicks himself. Usually he just passes the food directly to 'mum'. She also leaves the nest and returns with food.

When you see the live food that's constantly being brought to the chicks it makes you realize that we shouldn't reach out for the spray gun and kill everything in sight with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and every other type of .....cide imaginable

Three mouths open and another seven chicks in the nest.

Sunday 19th May

No new images as there's been very little change in the chicks. There are no signs of the remaining unhatched egg, so I assume that there are now 11 chicks in the nest. It's very difficult to make out the individual chicks at this stage. Yesterday evening both mum and dad were bringing food to their young until 9 p.m. I've bought some small mealworms from a local pet shop to try and make life a little easier for the parent birds.

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