Sign Language - Page 2!

It's taken me quite a while to find enough pictures for another Sign Language page. I hope it was worth the wait. This page also includes some 'quirky photos' that you might enjoy. All the pictures have been 'spotted' whilst Out and About. None has been digitally manipulated.

Some of the signs can only be read & appreciated at a larger size

Click on any picture to see a bigger version

Whatevr hapend too qualty controwl?

The woods are dangerous places. Maybe the sign refers to this scary looking tree!


Humour from Dunbar, in
East Lothian

.... from Yorkshire

.... and from Devon


We live in litigious times. Soot is dirty, you must never read the bar code when the chocolate box is open and take care when you drive on this 'flooded' road.


The cat on the roof at Hawkshead (Cumbria) may be safe, what about this sheep in Muker (North Yorkshire)?

Always lock your bike,
even in Oxford!

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More amusing and quirky signs and photographs to follow. Just give me time!