The East Lancashire Railway

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The pictures were taken at Ramsbottom station, Rossendale. The station was used for location shots in the BBC's series Born and Bred. Formerly known as the Bury, Manchester and Rossendale Railway, the line was renamed the East Lancashire Railway in 1846. A railway preservation society was formed in 1968 and the line was reopened in 1991. The property is owned jointly by Bury and Rossendale Councils.

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Steam enthusiasts' days are held every so often on the East Lancashire Railway ( ELR) line. The pictures were taken on one such day at the end of January. That explains the totally bland skies. Sorry about that!

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A train service operates every weekend throughout the year, with some weekday services during August. You can visit the East Lancashire Railway's web site and close down their pages after use to return here.

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