A Picture of Britain - A different picture every day - 1024x768 size (4:3) format only

These pictures are cyclic, but it will take 40 weeks before they re-appear on this page.

Unlike the main wallpapers, these are neither wide-screen nor seasonal. It may be snowing one day and the height of summer the next, but ... that's the British weather for you!

Move your mouse cursor over the picture for the location and click to view the larger size.

Latest update-

How to save the pictures to your PC, or use them as wallpaper on your smart-phone or tablet

Click on the picture to get the full sized image, then right click the picture to save to your desktop computer. For Tablets or Smart Phones long click on the loaded picture and choose to save it. Use the phone's Settings menu to change the wallpaper. The Picture of the Moment page now offers wallpaper in 1920x1080 widescreen format.

Note: Most mobile devices will let you easily crop these images to a format suitable for use as phone or tablet wallpaper

All these pictures will have appeared at some stage on the site, but are not currently available as wallpaper. If you've been a site visitor for some time then these may well be déjà vu, but for others they may be like a breath of fresh air!

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